Making the most of your quarantine: 8 tips for young people

Bored in the house, and in the house bored? Here are 8 things you can do while staying at home!

Did you ever imagine that you’ll be stuck at home for three months and more during your lifetime? No school, no restaurants to go to, no friends to hang out with? However sad and tragic the effects of pandemic seem to be, there is always something good we can find from it. Maybe, or maybe not, we’ll never have the chance to stay at home and enjoy this slow-paced life again. These are unprecedented times, so we want to make something good out of it!

1. Read

Missing wanderlust? Daydreaming on hiking, traveling, or sightseeing? These days, going on a trip is hard, what with the different restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank goodness for books that still allow us to go to different places, encounter different people, and experience different time zones. Let your imagination work for you!

Pick a book you’ll be interested in reading. A simple online search can yield links to free online books that you can download for free and read on your phone. Alternatively, you can see if there are books at home that you haven’t read yet. To not be overwhelmed, pace yourself. You can start with a chapter a day; next thing you know, you already finished a book! Get lost in its pages.

2. Cook

Before the pandemic began, some of us were living in a manic, fast-paced kind of way. Now, we have more time at home, more time to take a pause… and more time to make our own food. Cooking could be one of the greatest joys some will ever find. You can start with your favorites -- sinigang, adobo, or maybe try making the famous ube pandesal! Feel free to experiment to find the perfect taste in these trying times. Who knows? You might be the next best chef in town.

3. Watch a K-Drama or rewatch your favorite series!

There is so much to learn from movies and series, you just have to pick a good one! Online streaming is a thing now, and with just several clicks, you are off to start a relaxing or exciting movie. There are online streaming services that provide free trials for up to a week, giving you enough time to pick a good show and finish it. Choose the ones that help keep your mental state healthy.

Take a moment to slow down, pause and enjoy the little things in life -- such as being able to watch your favorite shows. We need fun things to do! You can make it a bonding activity for your family or housemates.

4. Spend quality time with people

Has it been awkward around your family because you’re not used to spending this much time with them? What a great chance to start important conversations with them! Put down your phones, grab a board game, or talk about something interesting. You can maybe watch a movie together, and discuss it with each other afterwards. These are times we can’t take for granted.

Staying home with our families for an extended period of time provides an opportunity to re-establish relationships and make them deeper and more meaningful, hopefully bringing them to greater heights!

5. Do a general cleaning

The outside world is messy enough with everything that is going on, why not keep your home clean and tidy? Unmotivating as it sounds, but having a clean environment actually helps lighten up your mood and make you more productive. You can make your mom happy by helping out with the house chores!

Now we have more time at home, we can dedicate hours in decluttering stuff we were not able to touch before. You can even participate in charitable giving through general cleaning. If there are things you no longer want or need, you can give them away to a charitable organization or neighbors in need. Another option is to sell some items that you no longer use. Put them up online, and get that extra cash for your savings or milk tea delivery!

6. Catch up with friends

Missing your friends? Old friends? Long distance friends? What a time to catch up with them! If there is one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s that we need each other now more than ever. As social beings, we tend to be lonely as we try to maintain physical distancing regulations, but it’s a good thing that we have social media to cultivate our friendships still.

Connect with people virtually and be truly present for them. Let’s help each other stay sane!

7. Learn a new skill

A musical instrument, perhaps! If there is an old guitar in your place that is not in use, grab it and learn how to play it through YouTube videos! If you don’t have any at home, you can start to paint. All you need are some colors and a canvas, like a piece of paper or an extra piece of cloth.

You can also learn some basic first aid skills through the wealth of online resources available. There is so much more to learn, and much more time in our hands today than before. Be wise and creative!

8. Take free online courses.

Speaking of learning a new skill, why not take it a step further and join an online learning program? Taking free online courses will help you thrive in the “new normal.” If you are a student who is currently on pause or if you are unemployed, now is also the best time to take free online courses. YouthWorks PH offers an online learning and skills training program called Flexible Training for Work, where you can learn online technical vocational courses and important leadership skills through an online mentor. What’s more, you can have the opportunity to get employed. And this is all for free, you just need to sign up! To know more about the program, visit

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