Private sector doubles down on K to 12

The private sector is reaffirming its support to the Department of Education’s (DepEd) K to 12 program with the first batch of graduates leaving the basic education system this 2018, advocacy group Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) said on Friday. Ever since 2012, PBEd, DepEd and the private sector

have been working closely to ensure the success of the program.

“As a long standing partner for education reform, I think I can very well speak for the Department

of Education when I say that we have come a very long way,” PBEd Chair Ramon del Rosario Jr. said, adding that the two are bringing their “partnership to new heights five years later.”

With the upcoming graduation of the first K to 12 students this year, both DepEd and the business sector renewed their promise of ensuring the graduates’ employability. Earlier this year, PBEd reached out

to companies to share their advocacy and to garner support through the K to 12 Affirmative Hiring Initiative and Coalition. Since April 2018, 17 companies have committed to seeing the program succeed.

On Friday, PBEd and DepEd solidified their partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to endorse the coalition and its initiative.

Under the initiative, DepEd will collaborate with PBEd to build and maintain a strong partnership between the private sector and the academe. For the private sector, the MOU will pave the way for a change

in hiring policies by getting industry to accommodate K to 12 graduates for entry-level work. Positions include accounting staff, logistics project staff, customer service representatives, etc. from companies

from the following sectors: finance, IT-BPO, hospitality, construction-manufacturing, services, media

and others. On the side of the academe, DepEd will change the perception of many with the continuous information dissemination that employment is possible for K to 12 students through this project.

“Since the start of this initiative, we have reached 3,700 students and graduates, secured the commitment of 17 companies and generated over 2,000 employment opportunities just waiting to be filled by K to 12 graduates. As of today, 60 graduate profiles have been matched, 12 have actively pursued employment - and of the 12, 11 have successfully found jobs,” Del Rosario said.

With this initiative in full swing, over 2,000 employment opportunities have been opened and are waiting to be filled by K to 12 graduates. The advocacy group expects that with DepEd’s support, not only will each employment slot be filled, but the whole education system will benefit in the long run.

“The business sector’s commitment notwithstanding, we cannot do this alone and thus enjoin the entire Filipino community to join us in this coalition,” Del Rosario added.

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