Teacher Quality in the PH Needs Intervention

The country’s overall performance in the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) for the past eight years hasbeen dismal and is even further declining, according to Philippine Business for Education (PBEd). Citing data from the Professional Regulation Commission, the private sector-led advocacy group shared in a press forum a list of consistently poor performing teacher education institutions (TEIs).

With at least half of TEIs across the country performing below the national passing rate, PBEd called for greater accountability, especially among government-funded TEIs. The group also urged the closing down of 22 TEIs consistently scoring below the 20% mark, of which 13 have zero overall passing rates.

“The exam itself needs to be reformed. We must open it up to validity testing and item analysis, involve TEIs in test development, and revive the three-strike rule for takers,” PBEd executive director Love Basillote asserted.

PBEd also offered longer-term solutions in teacher development. One is selective TEI admissions for only the top 20% of the graduating high school batch to enter teacher education programs. Another is portfolio-based training and certification, where students and teachers build their competencies and expertise through a lifelong system of credentialing, as is the case in top-performing countries like Singapore and Finland.

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